Baker Mayfield does not expect tension due to competition with Tyrod Taylor

Baker Mayfield is here, practicing with his new Cleveland Browns teammates. Tyrod Taylor is not present, because he is the rookie minicamp and Taylor is not a rookie. Taylor is currently designated as the starting quarterback of the Browns. Mayfield was, just last week, the first overall pick in the NFL draft. This is the kind of situation that can generate tension. Mayfield insists that it will not be like that.

"It's not about people," Mayfield said. "They brought us because we're both team players, he's the starter and all I can do is help, so it's not going to be something that separates the locker room, we're not going to fight for who the man in the dressing room is. team player, and we want to win. " The Browns did not win a single game in 2017, which is why they were in a position to take Mayfield in the No. 1 draft. They have a 1-31 record in the last two seasons and general manager John Dorsey and his staff have restructured the quarterback position this offseason. No longer is DeShone Kizer, who the year was a starting pin as a rookie. Now there's Taylor, the former reserve of the Baltimore Ravens and who started with the Buffalo Bills who is still trying to settle in the NFL.Bet on your favourite game with high betting tip odds.

Mayfield said he has not only heard positive things about Taylor and looks forward to being his partner. He said he hit the Bills coaches on Taylor during his pre-draft visit with Buffalo, because when they analyzed videos of the Bills it was Taylor they were watching. "They said the same thing about him, that he's an amazing kid," Mayfield said. "So when you have a guy that helps the wardrobe in the best way possible, he's fantastic, he's a worker, he's early, he's the last to leave, and I can only aspire to be like that." When the Browns acquired Taylor in trade, they knew they would probably take a quarterback on turn No. 1, so the situation is not a surprise. But the way it is managed will be a story that lasts all summer and could last until the season.

"I think it matters because like I said before, Tyrod Taylor is the starting quarterback of our team and that will not change," said head coach Hue Jackson. "He has received Baker well, he's willing to work with him, and that's where he starts, you have to develop a friendship, I've seen both of you together, and it's natural, that's how you start to build a relationship that will teach Baker It's like being a quarterback in the NFL, Baker does not know, he has a lot of work to do. " At this point, Mayfield still says he has a long way to go. "I have the whole playbook, but at this time they separated it," Mayfield said. "You have a playbook for the rookie minicamp and they separated it so we will not be totally overwhelmed, right now, I'm trying to get to the point, I'm doing my best to go straight to the basics so that when we go out into the field, direct these guys and be the type they can ask questions. "